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Best POS Software

Simplicity and performance

BEST is designed in such a way as to be as simple to use as a cash register. The look, size and location of its commands, as well as the screen's background are entirely customizable to meet your preferences. BEST was designed for use on a touch screen monitor as to provide uncompromising visuals, using either a specialized cash register keyboard for stunning speed or a regular computer keyboard for cost efficiency. Windows® XP and Windows® 7 compatible, BEST interfaces with your Microsoft Access® and SQL databases. The latter is a brand new feature, ideal for multi-store chains.

Unlimited flexibility

The BEST system is flexible and readily adapts to any type of business: restaurants, lunch counters, cafeteria, convenience stores, super markets, boutiques, etc. BEST is fast, reliable and efficient. It shines handling inventories and supply orders, managing customer accounts; its rport generator will impress you as will the Point-of-Sale.

BEST is perfect to manage different types of business at once. And its SQL database bi-directional multi-store communication system sets it above and beyond its competition.

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