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Toshiba POS Hardware

High performance

TOSHIBA TEC's range of Point of Sale (POS) equipment is second to none, with something to suit every sector in the industry. Whether it's a stand-alone machine for the small retailer or a fully networked solution for a multi-branch, multi-lane supermarket, Toshiba TEC has the answer.

Combining state of the art technology and over 50 years of POS experience has resulted in a line of products that are secure, reliable, and optimized for the easiest integration of third party software. These units are also ergonomically designed. The commutation of all these features results in products that yield the greatest reliability, customer throughput, and best total value.

When used with an application that utilizes all the security features of the Toshiba TEC product you will have a Retail Solution with the quickest return on investment through reduced employee theft and miscalculations.

TOSHIBA TEC's Touch POS system is called WILLPOS (Worthy, Innovative, Leading, Low-cost Operation) and represents the future of our POS business

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